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Still Failing at Fairness


Myra Sadker Advocates
has become the
Myra Sadker Foundation,
granting awards and
scholarships to promote
gender equity.

Promoting Gender Equity

The Myra Sadker Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equity in and beyond schools. By working to eliminate gender bias, the Foundation enhances the academic, psychological, economic and physical potential of America's children. The Foundation supports research, training and special programs for teachers, parents, children and all those whose work and interests touch the lives of children.

As you explore this website, you will find resources to help you recognize and eliminate gender bias in your school, community, and home: articles, ideas, activities and lesson plans.

The Foundation also sponsors four funding programs to promote gender equity: undergraduate scholarships, doctoral dissertation awards, special grants to teachers to support classroom efforts at eliminating bias, and special grants to students working to support the ideals of the Myra Sadker Foundation. 

Dr. Myra Pollack Sadker (1943-1995) pioneered much of the research documenting gender bias in America's schools. From grade school through graduate school, from inner city to rural towns, she uncovered not only blatant gender discrimination in textbooks and sports funding, but also subtle patterns of inequities that shaped the lives of girls and boys. This foundation continues her work.

If you share our vision for an equitable future for all our children, we welcome your tax-deductible contribution.

David Sadker, President
Karen Zittleman, Foundation Manager

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