Age Level:
Early Childhood


Objective: To expand career choices without gender limitations.

Materials: Large sheets of construction paper, glue or paste, crayons, markers, scissors, magazines or any materials which can be cut and used for this project; biography of Myra from the Myra Sadker Foundation website, if desired.

Part One: Have students share what jobs their parents/guardians do. Accept all responses and make a list of their responses on chart paper or the blackboard. Distribute magazines to pairs of students and ask them to find and cut out pictures of the jobs/careers they listed on the board. Have each pair of students glue or paste their pictures on a large piece of butcher paper entitled "Our Families' Work."

Part Two: Look at the butcher paper that the students made the day before and have them offer comments about the variety of jobs their families do. Make sure that either you or the students point out that both men and women do many different kinds of jobs/careers. After your discussion, give students a large piece of construction paper and have them draw and color a self-portrait in the center.

Part Three: Distribute self-portraits and magazines. Tell students that they are to cut out pictures of all the jobs they might need and want to do when they are adults. Be sure to encourage the ideas of parenting as jobs, requiring real work and effort and all other reasonable possibilities. Have students paste all their "work/career possibilities" around their self- portraits. Put the finished pieces on a bulletin board entitled "Our Future Work." Let students look at and enjoy their finished work.

Closure: Show the students a picture of Myra Sadker or you may select another person or group committed to gender equality. See our Reads and Links page for suggestions. Tell them that you are celebrating her life even though she is not alive anymore. (You can refer to the brief biography.) Explain that she spent much of her life working to make sure that children like them would have the same kind of educational experiences and future career opportunities.

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